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The Public Interest Law Section (PILS) of The Florida Bar is an organization open to all who have a common interest in advocating for and enhancing constitutional, statutory, or other rights that protect the dignity, security, justice, liberty, or freedom of the individual or the public.


PILS is offering two law students a $1,000 scholarship and an affiliate membership to the Public Interest Law Section of the Florida Bar for the 2024-2025 term.


Any law student at an ABA-accredited law school who has secured a summer unpaid internship within the public interest field may apply for this scholarship. Please note that securing placement with a clinic for credit is not a substitute for an unpaid internship. Some examples of applicable public interest law internships include but are not limited to, legal internships with public interest groups, nonprofit organizations, and government organizations. Public interest law encompasses but is not limited to, the following practice areas: children’s rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, consumer rights, prisoner’s rights, education law, elder law, employment law, environmental law, family law, fair housing law, immigration law, and disability rights law.


The application deadline was April 1, 2024.

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